Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Brent and the Conch

I hope I can do this quickly. I have to go to the park for my manatee encounter programs today. B is comming with me to observe. I'm nervous. I will have him take pics. Hopefully the girls will cooperate.
Had a great father's day. Ended up somehow at caladesi island. just happened they put on an extra ferry so we hopped on. B is holding this conch I found with my feet, I thought is was a huge rock, so I surfaced dived, with my goggles on and found two of these comingled. THey seperated and I handed one two K who got scared when it squirted water. He dropped his , but I managed to get back to shore to show b. We photographed this living monster and I gently returned it to its origins.
Went to see praire home comp. after the beach.. wasn't sure if I liked it, but then decided I really loved it.

PROGRESS OF MY BUTTERFLY GARDEN. i actually have a butterfly!

I have more to say, but I have to go..talk to you later


At 10:21 AM , Anonymous ivy said...

Brent is a super-fox.

At 10:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeooooow conch conch conch!

looks so amazing! i wish i lived closer- i have been frolickin in the ocean. but i wish i had some paisners by my side



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