Monday, June 05, 2006

Manatees,Birds and Flowers- pictures galore

These are the baby green herons that I took pics of a week or so ago. My have they grown. I am so happy they are surviving. There are so many dangers out there for them. Snakes, gators,turtles, fish and hawks etc would all love a meal of these guys.
Here is a red shoulder hawk next to my deck.
This is a pic of my plumeria in blossom. The plumeria was a gift from my bestest kayak buddy, Kayak Joyce2. I am very surprised and quite delighted it is blossoming.
I have been given the honor of caring for my favorite sister's, Renee, jasmine plant. I am trying my extra special hardest to take as good care of it as nee nee did. Well guess what? It is blossoming!

And finally but, as you all know, not leastly, MY MANATEES:
This poor guy was off my dock the other day. I haven't seen scrapes on a manatees back like this before. Pretty nasty, but not red or fresh, thank goodness. I am going to call this one scrapey.

I went kayaking with K. my neighbor today. She is my dear, close friend. Our kayak trips are always filled with lively discussions.We stopped at bad tree beach and hung out for quite a while talking and I did some amphibious crawling. No goggles or surface diving today the river was pretty mucky from traffic. It was great to be out kayaking.

Please remember to call J. Bush and Fish and Wildlife tomorrow June 6 . They want to take manatees and the bald eagle off the endagered list in Florida. See my last post for the phone numbers. Leave a comment for me if you call please.

Megan, Tomorrow is my talk, I will be sure to leave a detailed report for you. I hope all goes well. Those 6 girls better show up for their vitamins. I get a little nervous ahead of time. And James, thanks for putting me on your blog sight.

Night everyone!


At 10:28 AM , Anonymous Megan said...

I've missed the postings for the last few days, glad to see so many beautiful pictures today.

You are an excellent photographer, perhaps you should sell your pics to a postcard company or make a book called "Wikiwatchee Wildlife: As seen by the Manatee Mama".

At 10:33 AM , Blogger jamesdamian said...

I love your blog. It gives me great nostalgic pangs of Florida. and the photo of the juvenile Herons is amazing!

You are now listed on my blog roll (under "Connections and Transfers")and I'll let all my friends know to check out your site!

At 10:39 AM , Anonymous Ivy said...

Your plumeria finally did something! I had doubts that a stick could produce a flower, but it looks beautiful!


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