Saturday, May 27, 2006

Today's Creatures on the Secret River

These are the babies that hatched from the green heron in my previous post. I have been watching the nest that is located across the water from my home. I hope you all can see the two little yellow furry guys.

I also spotted these baby ducks by my house today.

I am really not happy with the pic of the baby ducks. Oh well.

So k and I went swimming and kayaking yesterday and today. Yesterday we actually swam up river between beaches and went way up without our kayaks and then had a delicious float down river. The river can flow as fast as 7 mph. I would say we achieved a very high course level. You can see about course levels in another post of mine.

Today we went down river to socialize with people. It was pretty fun. The river was crowded with boats, tubers and kayakers. But not horrific, there were three manatees that went into my big cypress canal from the river. I was so glad to see these manatees get into a safe haven and off the river. I recognized one of the manatees as Slashy, a regular. Every body along the river spoke of seeing at least three tiny babies and their mom's today. Please tell me how they survive. I don't understand. The boats are so big and fast and the river so narrow. I worry for their saftey.
People hate the tubers on our river, but I kinda like them, they make the boats slow down. There is a lot of hostility between the different modes of transportation on the river. The kayakers hate the motor boaters. THe motor boaters hate the tubers and kayakers. The tubers don't get out of the way of anyone. I swear one day a tuber is going to get cut up by some boat's propeller.
I TOOK PICTURES OF SLASHY, but they wouldn't upload. This blogging is hard work.


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