Friday, May 19, 2006


Slash the manatee.

kitty number 2 watching a manatee, hey look at the reflection of the heron!
I haven't seen not one manatee since Wed. Where oh where have the manatees gone? Perhaps out to the salt water. I am getting desperate. I know they will come back in.
My dear friend Ellen and I kayaked up stream yesterday. The yellow flies were bad. Poor Ellen got bit up so badly she had to take her rings off due to the swelling. I have developed an immunity to their bite. We went up to Knees Beach. It was wonderful. The water was so beautiful. Nobody was there. Then of course, some jerk in a speed boat came barreling up river and we were at a blind curve. Do you think they slowed down? NO. So I told them to please slow down and watch for manatees. Well, the person got all huffy and nasty. I could hear her screaming as she passed us and continued up river.

I think I did 2 pretty okay programs at the State Park last Tues. Both times I had manatees there. The first time they were only interested in carrots, not vitamins. The second time, I think it was Electra, was begging for vitamins. SO I got in the water and fed her almost a small pail of vitamins. She was a piggy. The audience was thrilled and so was I. This was my first successful vitamin feeding since I began giving talks. I looked up and saw all these people shooting pics of me feeding the manatee.
They were fed spinach on Tuesday, I mean cases, it turned the water green. Pretty funny.

I put in a Florida friendly butterfly garden in my front yard. It is almost finished. I have been working on this for weeks. I'll take pics and we can follow its progress.

Talk to you later. Ken is ready to go kayaking. Hope I see some manatees.


At 9:08 PM , Anonymous Ivy said...

I love you! That pic of #2 with the heron is amazing.


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