Thursday, May 11, 2006


I woke up with the usual enthusiasm to see what was out and about and went out on the deck. I saw three manatee feeding off the dock, plus the additional bonus of a mama duck and her babies. This is the best pic I have because it was dark and rainy

My cousin A. came out and IV, A. and I went kayaking in the afternoon. There was a manatee eating at the end of Big Cypress Canal and we all got a really good look. Just a peek, we didn't want to bother it. The guy was in pretty good shape. It had a 6 inch healed slash down his back, it was pretty superficial.
We kayaked upstream past "bad tree beach". The yellow flys were so bad we had to turn around. Please leave a comment if you know a good repellant. Nothing seems to work. I hope A. isn't in for a suprise tonight. The bite usually doesn't appear until later and it is nasty.

It started to rain but that didn't stop IV and A. from swimming in one of the holes we have in the river. On the way back they saw a red tailed hawk with a snake in it's mouth.
We came home and made Passion tea Sara gave me from Starbucks, a great gift, in IV's new bright green whistling tea kettle.

Another great day.


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