Monday, May 08, 2006


This is a picture of Ivy on the river.
Ivy and I went to the local Gulf beach today. We frolicked like manatee in the water. I love swim goggles. We saw a variety of sea creatures in the grass beds; crabs, mullet and other life forms. I thought I saw a manatee, and got momentarily ecstatic, but alas, it was just a large gentleman breathing heavily while swimming behind me.

The best part of the day occurred when we were eating our supper outside. The mama manatee and baby, previously pictured were playing by our dock. She had a child with her too. Ivy and I clamored into the kayak to take pics, but my batteries were dead, of course. This mama is a big smarty, she keeps her distance and flees when our kayaks slowly approach. This bodes well for the baby, she is learning the fear of humans.

We continued out the canal and up the river for a while. It was a beautiful evening. No one was on the river. The light was beautiful. We returned home and did the dinner dishes.

Another great day.


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