Saturday, May 13, 2006



K, IV, and I went yakin' today. It was glorious out. We immediately spotted around five manatees off our dock, including the one I call FAN. Fan is very friendly, which is why his tail is badly damaged from a collision with a propeller. His tail is sliced up like fingers. He came right up to IV and nudged the kayak and begged for a rubbing. So IV who usually doesn't like to interact with the manatee, rubbed Fan's nose and smelled his hot manatee breath. IV is very respectful of manatees and feels no one should interact with them.

And you know what, she is correct.

Leave them alone to live, sleep and eat. It would be wonderful if some how we could teach them fear of humans.

We continued up river and stopped at Bad Tree Beach. IV and I practiced our synchronized surface dives and I did some amphibious crawling through the perfectly clear shallow sandy water. Doesn't appear like we can call it Bad Tree Beach anymore, seems as though the county came through on the maintenance barge and chopped the tree down. I liked this tree, it kept the big boats out of the upper river.

Traffic wasn't too bad out there today. Maybe three speeding boats, a few slower motor boats, lots of kayakers and quite a few tubers.

BYE IVY, you left today to head home. Good luck with your new job. We had a great visit. We managed to get our blow holes wet every single day but one. I love you, MOM


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