Wednesday, May 31, 2006


My speeches at the park on Tues went very well. Manatees came for the first two encounters, no manatees for the last one. I think my talks are very interactive. Lots of people ask questions during it. Lots of kids, too. One of the manatees (the girls) kept hugging me with her flipper.
The springs here in FL are beautiful right now. We have had no rain, so they are crystal clear.

B came with me to the park at 7:30 AM to feed the manatee their vitamins today. It was his first time and he really enjoyed it. We went up to the Best Western in Crystal River after, because I needed a kayak part. I highly recommend this wonderful, natural feeling resort. It is right on Kings bay and one of the most peaceful place I have been. I started coming here as a tourist 15 years ago and used to leave being so depressed. I wanted to live on the nature coast with the manatees.
Well my dreams have come true and here I am.
I took some pics of B, but of course, the shutter was partially closed. I will include a pic anyways.

I spotted Fan the child manatee (I call him that because his fipper has been sliced like a fan by a boat prop) and two adults by my house this afternoon. Fan was swimming upside down next to the other manatee. Fan is such a sweetie. It is perfectly normal behavior for manatees to swim upside down and such a delight when you see it. The following pic I took from my deck.

Manatees are highly social, I don't care what the experts say. Wouldn't your agree?

I spotted the owl again tonight I tried to take a better pic. I think it is a Bard Owl. It is really a big imposing bird. Kitty 2 was laying right underneath it. Needless to say I picked her up and brought her into the house. Owls do eat rabbits. I hope my kitties are too big for that guy.

Next I spotted a heron in the tree off the deck.I can't remember what type it is, perhaps you can tell me.
Hey my pictures are not uploading I will try later.

I want to thank all of you who are posting comments. I feel much support. It is nice to know people are reading this and enjoying it. My number one reason for the post is to get the word out about the plight of Manatees.
On JUNE 7, Florida Fish and Wildlife are going to meet and probably take manatees off the endangered list. This would me no monies for law enforcement, education, or other potective measures. It will allow developers to build docks and develope waterfront. I willgive you more info in my next post. Please email Jeb Bush, he is for it, of course. HELP THE MANATEES TO EXSIST, PLEASE!


At 6:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love you joycey!

that photo of B is really cool! still looks like paradise down there!

At 7:13 AM , Blogger Manatee Mama said...

Erin, I am going to give you a snap. Here goes- You are as sweet as a baby manatee. I love you too


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