Thursday, November 09, 2006

Listen to this

So there I was kayaking and hanging out in Hospital Hole. There were about 5 manatees there including one little baby and mom. SO exciting! for me. Someone in a canoe went by and I asked them if they saw the manatees. They unexcitedly said yes. Then the guy said.."I saw two doe and a buck deer, now that is exciting." I once again thought, what is wrong with people. Yep deer are exciting to see, but how can you compare that to an endangered species? Also there were people fishing in Hospital Hole in a huge pontoon boat. The manatees were all around them, and all they cared about was fishing. Not one of them made any comments about the manatees. I hope they were careful when they left, but I doubt it.
Thanks for listening
Love to all manatee lovers


At 6:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a bunch of weaseleee yokles. i heard there may be a wintertime trip to florida in my future...get ready manatees! xo *erin

At 9:09 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Manatee Mama, I;m glad to see you are posting again and believe me that I care about our beatiful friends, so many people just don;t under-stand how special the manatees really are.They are so harmless and luvin and some people are so mean to them it just makes me crazy, I have said a few things to people about our friends. Manatees and friends 4-ever


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